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A von Karma ought to be perfect. Anything less is unacceptable, so if I have done anything foolish in my playing of Franziska, please show me the error of my ways at once.

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April Foolish Fools Event For Fools

What is this foolishness?

Explain yourselves immediately.


I simply cannot decide who is most foolish. The fool knocking on doors in order to discuss his hair, perhaps? Or the fool sending that enormous waste of paper with the most foolish campaign a fool could devise?

Or perhaps it's the fools taking this sham of an election seriously. Validity of such a position aside, I believe thus far the process would be enough to convince a statistician to take his own life.

If anyone can provide a logical reason why any reasonable person would even consider paying attention to this foolish exercise, then by all means, provide it.

Otherwise, you may consider this my sole polite request not to be bothered by further flyers, pamphlets, pictures of fools posing foolishly, fools knocking on my door, or foolish telephone speeches.



I see that the recommendation for vigilante justice has been taken up.

If anyone has information on those who have acted in such a manner, or of the names and times of death of the victims of such actions, I would appreciate being informed at once.

As for myself, as any can see, I did indeed appear on the suspect list at this point. For the record, I was not involved in the riots, and aside from my appearance on the list, there is no evidence to suggest I have been involved in any murders.

However, any of those who are attempting to eliminate all those who were named as suspects, feel free to murder me. But if you do so, I request that you understand that you are, in the eyes of the law, guilty of murder, and your action will not be forgotten or forgiven.

That is all.

[Filtered to Kanna Denmouth, Tiffany Kirkland, Luke Loew, Bonnie Vargas, and Sideswipe Vette; Generally Hackable]

I would request that you understand the importance of the reliability of a source in evidence law. Your names have been repeated three times, but they have been repeated in a broadcast in which other evidence, such as crime scene photos, have been clearly manipulated, and no reliable source or reasoning for the suspect list have been provided.

There is no doubt in my mind that you are the intended targets. This does not mean that four of you are so-called monsters. There has not, in my opinion, been sufficient evidence to imply your guilt. Remember who is setting up these broadcasts and who is sending these notes.

In the eyes of the law, you are innocent until proven guilty. But you will be targeted by those who feel otherwise. Remember who those who make an attempt on your life are. Whatever the circumstances, they have chosen to circumvent rule of law and the necessity of evidence before determining their verdicts, and they will be punished for their actions.


Christmas Eve, and as yet, no reports of unusual activity.

As always, as soon as any incident occurs, make your way immediately to the telephone and calmly state what has occurred. It is more important that we hear the details of the event than that we hear your panic.

That is all. Should everything remain constant, we must suspect another false start on the part of the town. Enjoy the peaceful holiday, but remain perpetually on your guard. I will be out on the streets tonight should anyone require assistance.

Good night.

((29 year old Franziska is as cold and professional as ever, but she's changed somewhat over the years, becoming more confident and less quick to anger. She only uses her whip defensively these days. While she's still hardly outgoing, I'd assume she'd be on cordial terms with any of the Ace Attorney cast minus Matt and Mimi, as well as with anyone who has also been involved in planning, investigating, and fighting against the town in a sensible manner. She would avoid anyone involved in the Cold War except for Germany. Feel free to respond to her phone message or see her on the streets!))


Excuse me? I wish to speak to whomever is in charge here.

I'm not interested in spending time with foolish, whining schoolchildren. If I'm going to go to America, I will go in order to prosecute a case, as I am an attorney, not a child.

Besides, if you don't let me go at once, papa and Miles Edgeworth will be very unhappy with you. Though I can deal with you on my own, too.

I will, however, thank you for providing me with the new whip, it has much better range than my crop.

((Meet 13 year old Franziska! Yes, she really is a lawyer.))


For ease of travel, please provide a description with the conditions as they are on your street.

On Mitchell Road, the power remains out. The rain outside appears to be comprised of some type of toxic chemical. It is withering plant life and, upon inspection, appears to burn to the skin. However, as of yet, my home appears to be capable of weathering the condition. From my window, I can also ascertain the location of the polling place at 1444 Mitchell Road, that drones appear to be roaming the streets mobbing passerby, and that the lights may be on down the street at Brady Lane.

However, a survey will verify and expand upon this information to the benefit of all.

Beaver Street: Power has returned. Drones behaving with hostility on the street. No other known obstacles.
Ricardo Street: Possible gas leaks. Exercise caution.
Bunker Street: No power. Plumbing issues have led to widespread flooding. One polling station at 767.
Mitchell Road: No power. Rain with acidic properties. Drones behaving with hostility on the street. One polling station at 1444.
Brady Lane: Power has returned. Drones behaving with hostility on the street. No other known obstacles.
Williams Road: No power. Rain with acidic properties. Drones behaving with hostility on the street.
Goldberg Street: Power has returned. Plumbing issues have led to widespread flooding.
Kramden Road: No power. Gas leaks in buildings. Drones behaving with hostility on the street. No reports of fires at present moment.
Beulah Street: No power. Rain with acidic properties. Drones behaving with hostility on the street.
Nelson Street: No power. Gas leaks in buildings. Drones behaving with hostility on the street. There is a polling place, but it has gone up in flames. Considering the presence of gas leaks, this street ought to be avoided if possible.
Cunningham Lane:
Partridge Drive:
Elsewhere: The hospital is supplied with a backup generator that may be used in the case of medical emergencies only.

Drones are more hostile to those who have voted. Take precautions.


Private; GermanCollapse )

[Filtered from Drones; German, repeated in English, then in Latin]

Like many, I am willing to offer assistance to my fellow German-speakers. My English is fluent and without fault.


[Franziska is lying in bed in her room, too weak to move. She's not been eating or doing much at all besides sleeping, except for the pad next to her bed, where she's been cataloging her symptoms and the day after which they appeared.]

Dry Cough- Day 1 & 2
Mild Fatigue- Day 1 & 2
Mild Fever (38°)- Day 1 & 2
Nausea- Day 2
Violent Cough- Day 3
Sore Throat- Day 3
Aching Sensation- Day 3
Chills- Day 3
Increased Fever (39.5°)- Day 3; fever increased slightly Day 4
Increased Nausea/Inability to Eat- Day 3
Increased Fatigue- Day 3
Difficulty Breathing- Day 4
Dangerously High Fever and Accompanying Delusions (41°)- Day 5
Death- Please approximate upon finding these notes.


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Franziska von Karma

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