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Karma's a bitch

You gonna get whipped

Franziska von Karma
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Name: Franziska von Karma
Age: 18
Appearance: Franziska is a petite (she's 5'4", but her heels give her a few more inches) German teenage girl. She has blue eyes, and short hair that is sort of I guess silverish blue? She's quite pretty, and always dresses formally. Her patented von Karma fashion sense is a bit special, but at least involves no cravats. She wears a long, puffy-sleeved blouse with a large bow, a black mini-skirt, dark nylons, and green heeled boots that can be considered lethal. Don't be fooled by her age or stature; she will crush you.

Personality: Franziska is a crazy bitch, guys. She believes herself to be perfect and above you in every way, and she has a tendency of letting her whip do the talking. She is obsessed with perfection, prosecution, and winning at any cost. She is very intelligent and driven (she became a prosecutor at thirteen), but also tends to be extremely irrational and violent, and if you annoy her she will call you out on your foolish foolery and whip you.

She's not nearly as bad as her father, and underneath all the crazy, she's actually a good person who loves her brother and will sort of do the right thing when it comes to it. But that good person underneath will also whip you for your foolery, so there you go.

History: Franziska grew up in Germany, the daughter of famed Prosecutor Manfred von Karma. Her father was famous, or perhaps infamous, for having a perfect record and never losing a case, as well as being willing to do anything to maintain his perfect record regardless of a person's innocence or guilt. Franziska shares her father's obsession with perfection, although she isn't quite as ruthless or insane as he is (which is really not saying much). Franziska is a prodigy, who became a prosecutor at the age of 13 in Germany, and has never lost a case in her career.

However, upon hearing that her adoptive "little" brother Miles Edgeworth was defeated in court by Phoenix Wright and ostensibly committed suicide, Franziska decided to move to America in order to defeat Phoenix Wright, prove her superiority to her brother, get revenge, and see Edgeworth again, whose suicide she didn't believe. I'm apping her pre-Justice for All, so she's just arrived in America, and hasn't yet met Phoenix in court.

Weapons and Powers: A von Karma's only power is perfection! However, Franziska carries a whip with her at all times, and she is very very good with it. If you are a fool or annoy her, she will whip you. In fact, she may do so even entirely unprovoked.

She also has on her person a few electronic tracking devices, just in case she needs to keep tabs on you.